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Jan 31, 2022

In this week’s BeetCast podcast, we are publishing the sound tracks some of the most compelling conversations in recent days.  During CES week, we spoke with many leaders in our industry.  Here are three which we find particularly compelling.

*Catherine Sullivan is CEO of PHd, a unit of Omnicom Media Group. She speaks...

Jan 24, 2022

Andy Plesser of Beet.TV talks to Brian Weiser, Global President, Business Intelligence at GroupM about shifting attitudes towards tech, his view on web 3.0, the big value of premium content in the streaming wars, and the emergence of super apps in asia as the "next big thing".

Jan 17, 2022

Andy talks to Nathan Brown, Global Chief Strategy Officer at UM.

Jan 10, 2022

Welcome to this episode of the BeetCast.  I am delighted to kick off our new season in partnership with our good friends at Mediaocean.

I was sorry to miss so many of our colleagues at CES last week.   Another essential event impacted by the pandemic, and we were sorry not not to be there.   Very disappointing, but...