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Jul 19, 2021

For years, we’ve covered Roku and it never ceases to be an amazing story: It  has emerged as a huge force  in the TV industry’s transformation to  streaming.

It is a handy device and system for consumers to find what they want, a programming platform with original content and a powerhouse advertising platform

Roku has just wrapped up its Upfront negotiations.  The company tells Adweek that first-time advertisers make up some 42 percent of the new commitments.  Meanwhile some 95 percent of current advertisers are re-upping

This week’s guest is Roku’s Andrew Conroy, who heads agency partnerships.   A five-year veteran,  Andrew speaks to his early days at the a very scrappy  advertising operation to  what has become a global giant.

In this wide-ranging conversation, he speaks to advertiser needs around more real-time analytics and cross platform measurement.  Many of these tools are in place at Roku, but more are needed, he says.

Great conversation.

Thank you Andrew

And thank you to our #BeetCast sponsor Mediaocean