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Nov 15, 2021

Very happy to welcome back to the show Doug Ray, who holds the title Chief Product Officer, dentsu Americas & Global Media

We’ve covered Doug for a number of years and he’s always innovating, seeing what’s next and leading the industry.

In his role he is deeply involved with the changing the media landscape.  One of the most intriguing development is around gaming.

We all know gaming is huge.  But how to make it work for marketers is not easy.  But Dentsu, with its long-time work in the Japanese gaming industry is uniquely positioned.  Doug explains that.

And we chat about the future of media, privacy, targeting.  Great conversation!

Thank you, Doug, for joining and for your leadership and support for Beet.TV over the years.

Thanks to our podcast sponsor TransUnion.

And thank you for listening.  I hope you enjoy the episode.