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Apr 12, 2021

The most predictive signal for economic action is search and it's the gateway to all lower funnel activities, says Kevin Krim, CEO of EDO, a data company that correlates television advertising with search.

I’ve covered Kevin’s work over the past 10 years in his top digital leadership roles at Bloomberg and CNBC.

We’ve spoken many times about the changes of TV news from linear to a digital media.   It’s been a fascinating sector to cover and Kevin has been way in front of it for many years.

Since 2105, he has headed EDO, a TV data firm that allows programmers and advertisers the tools to understand the outcome of TV ads by understanding Web search.  The company works with many leading programmers.  Recently, it  announced its newest partnership with Univision.

Separately, Kevin and his wife Marina founded  an incredible non-profit organization called Choose Creativity.  It is an educational initiative that empowers children and adults to build resilience, creative confidence, and social-emotional skills through engagement.  It is being widely adopted.  And is particularly valued during the pandemic.

As Kevin explains in this interview, the organization was founded in the wake of the terrible loss of his two children.  It’s an amazing, inspiring story.   I hope you will visit to learn more, and will join me in making a contribution.