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Feb 1, 2021

AdTech is booming. Our podcast guest this week is Terry Kawaja, founder and CEO of LUMA Partners, who explains what's happening and where things are going.

Many of you know him for his industry visualizations called the LUMAscape, his firm's deals, his speeches and his very humorous take on things in his clever videos.  He is a unique and admired presence in our industry and I am pleased that he has joined me for this episode.

During the pandemic, he and his team have been very much engaged in deal making.  After a slow Q2&3, LUMA has been on fire with several high profile transactions.   He sees accelerated activity in the M&A for this year.

In our chat, he talks about a number of topics including a roaring stock market for adtech, which he figures was up about 200% last year.  (The TradeDesk enjoys a market cap of about $35 billion.)

And he talks about a pretty amazing upside for outcome-based marketing which he says could create trillions of dollars in value. That’s right trillions.  He says that App marketing has proven the math and science of marketing to outcomes.  He predicts these practices will become increasingly pervasive all media, including linear TV.

Wow: It seems like only yesterday, in 2015, that Terry declared to an assembled VIP industry group, that “winter is coming” to the adtech space, a winnowing of players, perishing in a dark world dominated by Google and Facebook.

Well, for sure there has been a lot of consolidations and flops, but it’s very encouraging to see the innovation and value creation taking place in our industry.

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