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Apr 26, 2021

Happy to have Scott Schiller on this episode of the BeetCast.

Scott is a media pioneer, leader and  teacher. Many of you know him from his role at NBC Universal as Executive VP of Advertising. He is a former chairman of the IAB.

Presently,  Scott serves as Global Chief Commercial Officer of the ENGINE Group, a global...

Apr 19, 2021

I am so delighted to welcome my dear friend Tracey Scheppach to this episode of the #BeetCast.

I call her the “mother of addressable TV”. Well, she didn’t exactly invent addressable TV but she was by all accounts the first buyer of the medium.

She was deeply involved with pilot projects in Colorado and Alabama in...

Apr 12, 2021

The most predictive signal for economic action is search and it's the gateway to all lower funnel activities, says Kevin Krim, CEO of EDO, a data company that correlates television advertising with search.

I’ve covered Kevin’s work over the past 10 years in his top digital leadership roles at Bloomberg and...

Apr 5, 2021

This week, our podcast guest is  with Gila Wilensky, President of of Xaxis US.

She was appointed to the head the agency one year ago, coming from GroupM’s Essence where she was Head of Media Activation for North America.

In 2013, Gila  joined the growing Google account at Essence and built a team to run Google’s SEM...